Oklahoma House Bill 2286 USFSPA Changes

Oklahoma House Bill 2286 passes OK House vote of 57 to 38 on USFSPA Changes.

It’s important to monitor USFSPA proposals in every state because ideas can trickle in and possibly impact your own past or upcoming divorce.

Service members and former military spouses are keeping a close eye on Oklahoma where representatives have been hard at work for the last three years attempting to make changes to Oklahoma’s treatment of the USFSPA.

2012 has proven no different. The Oklahoma Senate has been busy fine tuning wording for Oklahoma Senate Bill 1951 and Oklahoma SB1887. Readers following those bills might be surprised to learn of the aggressive activity in the House as well.

Oklahoma House Bill 2286 initiated by Democrat Rep. Emily Virgin along with Senator Russell passed on March 8, 2012 with a vote of 57 to 38. The wording is essentially the same as SB 1887, which raises the question, “Why two bills?”

oklahoma HB 2286 USFSPA Changes
(Click through to the VIDEO tab 1:57:40)


Technology has taken a new turn. You can view pro and con arguments for Oklahoma HB 2286 by clicking the video tab Wait for the page to load and let the buffer kick in so you can see the entire video. If your browser begins with the role call, you want to advance to 1:57:40 minutes.

My initial reaction is both service members and military spouses (or soon-to-be former military spouses) might be surprised at how little discussion occurs prior to voting on a bill. I realize there is much activity prior to presenting a bill to the floor for a vote, but it is clear some representatives would have liked prior consultation (such as Rep. Banz). Other members aren’t even paying attention as the speaker has to quiet them so Rep. Virgin can speak.

I expect both sides, veterans and military spouses, might be left as I was, with the feeling of, “Wait, that’s all you’re going to say before putting Oklahoma House Bill 2286 to vote?”

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