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What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is an image sharing social site where members create mini-bulletin boards containing images based on a topic or theme.

For example, we have created a Pinterest board for Surviving Divorce to which we “pin” images related to life after divorce. You can even pin a quote or pin a video!

Why follow Former Military Spouse on Pinterest?

  • Fast searching: The power of an image is fast communication. Often an image says in seconds what one might read in an entire paragraph.
  • Easy bookmarking: Pinterest can be used as a bookmarking site. Create your own board and group items by subject to easily return to important information.
  • Creative Ideas: Pinterest has a creative angle that Facebook, Twitter, and Google images cannot compete with. I found many inspirational ideas for bulletin type boardswith images relating to divorce. Many are are creative. Some are a little negative but may make you laugh, and others suggest we view divorce as a way to move forward – a new beginning.
  • Patriotic Things: One thing that binds the military spouse and service member together is their passion for making a contribution to our country. Pinterest can bring out our emotion and passion toward making a difference.

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Former Military Spouse Pinterest Policy

Items from our site may be pinned as long as the url directly links to the page containing the image you pinned. This ensures credit is given to the original artist whether it is a photographer’s work, artist’s design, or a review product such as a book.

Military Organizations on Pinterest

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Are you already doing some social media networking on Pinterest?

Even the U.S. Army is on Pinterest.

Pinterest is so easy to set up, use, and when you follow us, you’ll receive quick notifications of not only new blog posts but news we find around the Internet.

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