U.S. State Military Divorce Laws

Readers of Military Divorce Tips often ask about the military divorce laws of each state.

Instead of writing a supplemental book, we thought it would be much faster if there was a place online that could be immediately updated as changes or issues occur in each state’s interpretation of the USFSPA.

The clickable map below was begun in October 2012, to collect and share both past and present information on military divorce laws across different states. It is in progress, and continues with the support of subscriber’s submissions.

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We add new information when received (and as time permits). You can help spread the knowledge by submitting information using the form below. All submissions will be considered for adding additional content to this site.

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*Please remember that state law is pre-empted by federal law.*

Wyoming Military DivorceWashington Military DivorceOregon Military DivorceIdaho Military DivorceMontana Military DivorceNevada Military DivorceCalifornia Military DivorceUtah Military DivorceColorado Military DivorceArizona Military DivorceNew Mexico Military DivorceNorth Dakota Military DivorceSouth Dakota Military DivorceNebraska Military DivorceKansas Military DivorceOklahoma Military DivorceTexas Military DivorceHawaii Military DivorceAlaska Military DivorceLoiusiana Military DivorceMinnesota Military DivorceIowa Military DivorceMissouri Military DivorceArkansas Military DivorceMississippi Military DivorceAlabama Military DivorceTennesse Military DivorceFlorida Military DivorceGeorgia Military DivorceSouth Carolina Military DivorceNorth Carolina Military DivorceIllinois Military DivorceIndiana Military DivorceWisconsin Military DivorceMichigan Military DivorceOhio Military DivorceMaine Military DivorceNew Hampshire Military DivorceVermont Military DivorceMassachusetts Military DivorceRhode Island Military DivorcePennsylvania Military Divorce  Kentucky Military DivorceWest Virginia Military DivorceVirginia Military DivorceDelaware Military DivorceNew Jersey Military DivorceMaryland Military DivorceConnecticut Military DivorceNew York Military Divorce


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We are still preparing several state’s information. Thank you for your patience.

*Please remember that state law is pre-empted by federal law.*

Due to jurisdiction rules, you will have only a few choices of where to file for divorce. You can read comments people have made on choosing a “best state” and comparing military divorce rules.

The best reason to compare military divorce laws would be to gain a greater understanding of what is considered fair and equitable and, more impotantly, what you and your spouse feel is fair and equitable.

Learning about different laws can help us gain a better understanding of different viewpoints, which should result in better divorce decrees.

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