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There has been some interest expressed on our Facebook page to have military divorce support group; an ability to meet in person, (face-to-face) to discuss any proposed changes to the USFSPA, inform military spouses of their legal rights and benefits during a divorce, and provide support during this difficult life changing event.

We tried to set up a support group using, but it was not worth the maintenance fees. (We first told you about meet-up when we discussed life after divorce.)

Instead, we’ve decided to continue connecting through this blog and our Facebook page.

We post items of concern for military wives in troubled marriages facing an upcoming divorce and also issues that impact you after divorce. We also share some fun patriotic gifts and general military information. You can read  questions others have posted concerning entitlements and the rights of a military wife.

We also post notifications of public hearings so that you would become aware of your local proposals to change the USFSPA application within your state or a state to which you might relocate.

Anyone can post to the Facebook page. These postings appear in the left column. Occasionally, we copy them into the main feed, especially if it’s a question. You should fee free to answer anyone’s question. We welcome the support of members as we cannot always be online.

You may wish to post an introduction, but keep in mind Facebook is public, so take some care in the personal information you post online.

We also highly suggest that you subscribe to this blog to receive up-to-date information. If you are on Google+, you can click here to connect with us there as well.

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