Limited Access Account

Setting up a Limited Access Account for RAS copies

Did you know you can set up a Limited Access Account on the website?


“You now have the ability to create one Limited Access Account. The Limited Access Login ID and Password may be given to others to view your Pay Statements or Tax Statements without allowing them to change your Pay Account. They will gain access by logging into myPay using the Login ID and Password that you create on this page.” Limited Access Account Advantages in a Military Divorce

Reasons this may be useful to service members and former military spouses:

  1. Reduce Communication: If you find every interaction with your ex-spouse upsetting, you might use the limited access account feature to reduce your communication.
  2. RAS Copies: Some military divorce decrees require the service member to submit Retiree Account Statement (RAS) copies to the former spouse. ~ Service members using this limited access feature would save time by permitting the ex-spouse to login and print his or her own copy of the RAS.
  3. SBP Premium Reimbursement: Some military divorce decrees require the former military spouse to reimburse SBP premium costs. ~ Access to the RAS will provide the former military spouse with the SBP premium figure to compute an accurate reimbursement.
  4. Indemnification: Some military divorce decrees require reimbursement for any actions taken that impact the USFSPA award to the former military spouse (such as converting retired pay to VA Disability pay, etc.) ~ Access to the RAS will provide the information needed by both parties to ensure they use an accurate figure for reimbursement.

More details concerning situations of indemnification and SBP premium reimbursement can be found in the book Military Divorce Tips. You might also be interested in tax strategies surrounding divorce: