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Former military spouse began in 2011 to encourage educated discussions about the Uniformed Services Former Spouses’ Protection Act (USFSPA) in the hopes that any future changes would be fair and equitable to both the service member and former military spouse.

  • We’re dedicated to providing outstanding information to all who participate in the military divorce process.
  • We look forward to hearing comments and documented suggestions to keep service members and military spouses informed on USFSPA proposals.
  • We’re looking to expand to discuss life after divorce: everything from moving forward, finding new relationships, and financial security
  • Occasionally, we’ll just add something patriotic or a military life topic that we can relate to

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We look forward to hearing comments and documented suggestions to keep service members and military spouses informed on USFSPA proposals.

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Former Military Spouse
c/o Military Divorce Tips
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Indianapolis, IN 46240

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