2012 Oklahoma Senate Bill 1887 Drops Retroactive Push

Oklahoma has introduced a new bill concerning USFSPA, Senate Bill 1887 in February, 2012. Compared to previous bills, SB 1887 has deleted all language concerning retrospective (retroactive) implementation of any new USFSPA changes.

This is good news for divorces already finalized. In those cases, service members and former spouses can continue to move forward with their lives. There will be no need to go back to court to open new discussions concerning division of military retirement pay. This is a positive step as there is no need to revisit the emotional turmoil experienced in a military divorce.

The deletion of the retrospective concept might also serve as an example or precedent should any other state decide to take initiatives to change the application of the USFSPA. Since Oklahoma has decided that a retrospective bill is unfair, then it might follow that other states would view the issue in the same manner.

View the Oklahoma Senate Bill 1887.

Let us know your thoughts. We’ll go over some of the proposals of SB 1877 in the next posts.


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