Military Pay Cuts Coming?

One thing service members, military spouses, and former military spouses should surely agree upon is:

Why is the government considering reducing military pay?

On June 3, 2011, reported that Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman, Adm. Mike Mullen is looking for $400 billion in savings. He expects there will be military pay reductions over the next 12 years.

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This type of legislative proposal is exactly why there needs to be a venue to reach all military spouses, both former and current (and of course, service members as well). While this news was publicized through some military internet sites, many former spouses are not subscribed there, and thus their opinions are not heard.

Discussing military cuts is not a new concept, but we must keep reminding our representatives to look elsewhere to solve the nation’s financial troubles.

Back in April 2011, Fox News reported on homeless veterans, writing, “For the past three years Congress has appropriated $75 million a year for [housing] vouchers, but now there is a debate in Congress over whether more money is actually needed this year…” In the same article, Richard Rudnick, spokesman with the National Veterans Foundation, commented on Veteran cut-backs saying, “…the idea that in the middle of a war, in the aftermath of a war, that we’re going to say, ‘OK, we’re going to cut back on the services for the people that did these things for us,’ that’s something to be outraged about.”

Military retirees had no COLA increase for 2010 (a first after 35 years of increases) and there was again no increase for 2011. The Consumer Price Index (CPI) indicates an increase may be due for 2012, but will a COLA increase be eliminated too?

Surely there are other places to cut.

Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman, Adm. Mike Mullen’s words seem inconsistent with his wife’s beliefs.

Just in May 2011, less than 30 days ago, the Top Military Spouse, Mrs. Deborah Mullen, twice expressed her commitment towards Supporting Military Families Year Round and A Pledge to Remember. How is cutting pay a step toward taking care of military families? You can ask for her assistance in preventing this legislation by posting to either of her blog entries or contact her on Facebook.

This is one time where all members of the military family should be speak up. In cases of divorce, military families almost double their expenses, supporting two homes on income that originally sustained one. The last thing we should be doing is cutting the incoming pay.

//// UPDATE June 22, 2011 ////

Small Pay Raise Approved

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