Military Life: Are We Special?

A veteran is someone who at one point in his life, wrote a blank check payable to: “The United States of America” for an amount “up to and including his life.” (Author unknown)

Service members, veterans, military spouses, and their relatives share a strong bond of patriotism and service to our country.

They also have a keen understanding of military life.

Today, I’m sharing the first of a new category on this site, “That’s Military Life” as a small reminder that despite the turmoil of military divorce, we all share the common bond of patriotism and service to our country.

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In The Air Force Academy Class of 2015 Reports for Duty, check out these classic military lines:

  • Minute 1:23: A gorgeous sunny blue sky day radiates down on the proud new 2015 USAFA basic cadets, “And you are all special. You are special for a lot of reasons, but let me give you just a couple of reasons why you are special…,”

Barely 30 seconds later, an upper classman,

  • Minute 2:06: “They are going to have to learn that they are not special, they are part of something bigger than themselves.”

Welcome to Military Life

  • Minute 5:25: 2015 basic cadets again learn again how special they are… not, “Did you give me your whole name? I don’t care about your whole name!”

But, let’s reverse again an have an upper classman sincerely tell them how special they are using different words~

  • Minute 7:17: “We are not just a service academy. Coast Guard. West Point. Annapolis. No one else comes close. We are THE service academy. We’re the lasting power on the face of the planet.”

~Class of 2015, you’re special & welcome to military life!

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