Former Military Spouse Family

A Place for the Former Military Spouse?

In general, the military welcomes dependents:

  • Military spouses become part of the military family.
  • They follow an unwritten expectation to perform in a certain capacity and represent the military in a dignified manner.
  • There are numerous programs to assist the military spouse including medical, education and employment.
  • The military spouse even has a day designated to show this appreciation – Military Spouse Appreciation Day

We find poetry, articles, and more dedicated to the appreciation of the military spouse.

Sometimes however, upon a military divorce, the military spouse or soon-to-be former military spouse becomes an unwelcomed member in the military community.

Sometimes, the military family clams up and refuses to discuss former military spouse benefits. The divorcing service member feels there should be no such thing as military former spouse benefits. Suddenly all the appreciation for the (soon-to-be) former military spouse has disappeared.

The book Military Divorce Tips will help soon-to-be former military spouses gain a greater understanding of military former spouse benefits, the codes and regulations, and provide a starting point upon which to ask further questions with either their lawyer or customer service personnel.

Remember ~ This Former Military Spouse is the Same Person Recognized on

Military Spouse Appreciation Day~

Military Spouse Divorce Entitlements

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