Will USFSPA Protests to Lawyers Bring Change?

When we found the Military on Pinterest, there was an image of USFSPA protests that took place in Las Vegas, Nevada in May 2012.
USFSPA protest

Eight combat veterans from the nonprofit Veterans advocacy group, Operation Firing For Effect, (OFFE) organized a protest outside the office of attorney Marshall Willick, of Willick Law Group to “raise awareness about former military spouses who want half of the wounded warriors’ disability compensation.”

Harassing lawyers is not the best way to bring attention to the USFSPA. Attorneys don’t make the laws. They propose arguments and uphold what has already been passed by the government. Attorneys don’t make the final decisions, judges do.

Protests don’t belong outside the judges’ offices either. I find the idea that change will come from bullying those upholding the law to be somewhat ridiculous.

Instead what results is exactly what happened:

“Alleging that he received death threats from members of the nonprofit group, Willick fired back with a defamation lawsuit that he had served on the group and its leaders at the rally.”

The event has done nothing for the USFSPA and only resulted in two parties involved in more legal issues.

What do you think? Are these types of protests a good idea? Will they be outside the former spouses’ doors next?

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