Compare State Military Divorce Rules

The Premeditated Military Divorce Plan

Would you like a book that lists the USFSPA application rules of every state and how they differ? Would you like to compare state military divorce laws?

Books like Military Divorce Tips provide the federal provisions of the USFSPA and usually touch on the fact that each state is left to divide military retired pay as they deem fit so one must check with local lawyers for state rules.

Is there a need for a book comparing the USFSPA across states so one can determine the best state for a military divorce?

If you know the rules of every state, you might try to relocate to the best state and attempt to meet the jurisdiction rules required for division of retired pay. Military service members could attempt to receive orders to relocate, or former spouses could “walk-out” and attempt to establish residency in a more favorable state.

I would describe this as the premeditated divorce plan.

Of course, it follows that the best state for the service member will be the worst state for the military spouse and vise versa.

UPDATE (October 2012): see also Military Divorce State Laws

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