Selecting a Military Divorce Lawyer

The second most frustrating issue in a military divorce is the cost of your military lawyer. Check any discussion group on the web and you will find the next most popular gripe after the USFSPA
is the cost of the military divorce lawyer. Some posts go so far as to accuse the military divorce lawyers of trying to keep laws in place for the sole purpose of increasing their own personal salaries.

One sure way to save some dollars, is to stay ahead of the game by reading the book
Military Divorce Tips. Most military divorce lawyers are priced at a rate of at least $50 per hour and more likely $150-$500 per hour. Depending on your knowledge level, this book will save you at least one hour of lawyer fees, but most likely — significantly more. Plus the more knowledge you have at your military divorce lawyer meetings, the more productive they will be.

Questions to ask a Military Divorce Lawyer

Selecting a military divorce lawyer is a critical step in the divorce process. You can find thirty (30) questions to ask your military divorce lawyer (an interview checklist) provided in the book Military Divorce Tips. See more Checklists

Military Divorce Lawyer Directory

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Military Attorney Directory

States N through Z and Common Wealth / Territories
Military Divorce attorney: To add your firm to our listing, please see how to exchange links.

Commonwealth / Territories Military attorney

      • American Samoa
      • District of Columbia
      • Federal States of Micronesia
      • Guam
      • North Marianas
      • Puerto Rico
      • Virgin Islands

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