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10 Tips on Using Google+ Circles


  1. In Your Circles: Circle people (or pages) to place them In Your Circles. This means YOU will see THEIR PUBLIC posts in your stream (your news feed). You are following them. Circle Kids and Money Today to receive our public posts.
  2. Create Circles: As you circle others, place them in a circle based on the TYPE OF POSTS YOU MAKE that THEY are interested in. (Note: People can be in more than one circle)
  3. Target Your Posts: When you post a status update, you can choose whether a post should be visible to the public (everyone) or visible only to a particular circle(s). If your circles are organized appropriately, you can easily share information that is targeted and relevant to the recipient.
  4. Have You in Circles: If someone has placed you in their circle, this means your PUBLIC posts are shared in the news feed they receive. You have no guarantee that they will see and read your posts, but the opportunity is there.
  5. Golden Rules of Social Media: The golden rules of social media still apply: share, comment, and +1 articles more than you post about yourself or your business, post information that your target audience is interested in, and browse people who have added you to their circles
  6. Activity Based Streams: Streams are activity based (not the most recent post)
  7. Mute: Mutes a post when you’re done reading it to hide it in your stream
  8. Limited: Limited means the post was only shared with a selection of users; click ‘limited’ to see who it was shared with; becareful sharing a limite post (the original author may not want it shared).
  9. Lock this post: Lock this post will disable reshares (no one can share your post)
  10. Build Value: By promoting and helping others

Understanding the concept of circles and who sees what posts is essential to getting started. Once you have this down, take some time to explore photo and video sharing or participating in a Google hangout.

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